Safety Insights software launched by Ford to reduce road accidents

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Ford Motor Company has introduced a web-based software tool to help cities reduce vehicle accidents.

Safety Insights synchronises crash data from multiple sources and combines it with Ford connected vehicle data to provide a detailed overview of road safety in cities. According to Ford, the system would allow city planners to improve streets and intersections to increase safety.

The tool has access to multiple sources including information gathered from smart phones, navigation devices in connected vehicles, trucks and IoT devices.

Justine Johnson, mobility strategist at Ford, said: “We have to really look at safety not just from the perspective of the person who’s in the vehicle but also everything else that’s outside of the vehicle.”

Ford said this would enable planners to analyse travel patterns and identify crash hotspots. This information would help prioritise countermeasures.

Furthermore, the AI-driven software can identify areas of roads that experience more harsh braking, excessive acceleration events, traction control issues, near misses and more.

Transportation engineers can input cost-to-implement data into Safety Insights to help scenario plan cost savings, understand crash reduction and time of return predictions.

Ford has said Safety Insights is a way of helping cities make the most out of connected vehicle data and better prepare infrastructure for safe connected and autonomous vehicles.

Ford recently teamed up with Freethink to highlight the potential of Safety Insights and showcase how it works.

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